Create some vidéos to present TeXmacs


We should realize two versions of each video, one in french and one in english.


Please tell me if you agree ; if yes, help me prepare the general scenario of wht you are going to say.

The idea is not to oblige you to prepare a 15 minutes speech. Just find some things to tell about the subject i give you, and eventually something to do on the screen when you speak. I just have to found a means to come to Paris before September and i will record you on my computer with Screenflow, that let record in the same time the screen and the isight webcam (if you have a more professional camera in the École Polytechnique we should swithc it on my computer for this work). After that, i will make something with the rushes i have.

I have to know exactly which plugins/other program you need to prepare them on my mac. Or we can use your Mac if you have one, installing Screenflow on your mac for his work.