Projects for TeXmacs

1.Plans for the future

There are many things that we would like to integrate in TeXmacs. On Savannah, we maintain a wish list with suggestions by users and other detailed wanted features. Here follows an incomplete list of more general directions for future development, as on may 31, 2019.


The typesetter should be reorganized and improved as follows:

2.Extra facilities for editing texts

Although cursor movement, selections, etc. have already been implemented, some other standard editing facilities have not yet been completed. Let us mention a few of these:

3.Converters to other formats

There is a constant need for good converters from and to other data formats:

4.Technical pictures

We have started to include a facility for drawing technical pictures, but the responsable developer (Henri Lesourd) is currently no longer part of the TeXmacs team. It would be nice to rewrite parts of the tool and extend it further so as to allow for the definition of graphical macros. This would allow users to define new geometrical constructions. It would for instance be possible to write a style file for drawing electronic circuits or chemical components with a nice icon bar for selecting circuits or components, just as you select lines and circles in usual pictures.

5.Presentation mode

We wish to further extend the laptop presentation mode into the following directions:

We would also very much appreciate help on artwork and the design of nice themes.

6.Tools for usage on the web and in networks

It would be nice to have a better integration of TeXmacs with the web. As a first step, we need a clean internal plug-in for Wget or Curl with support for cookies, security, etc. At a second stage, the Html converters should be improved to take advantage of this. After that, we may think about things like collaborative authoring via the web, integration with preprint servers, etc.

Another interesting thing would be to incorporate tools for live conferencing inside TeXmacs. We actually expect this to be quite easy and this would open a different road towards collaborative authoring, instant messenging, etc.

7.Interface with computer algebra systems

The following improvements should still be made in order to link TeXmacs to computer algebra systems:

8.TeXmacs on tablets and mobile phones

After the release of TeXmacs 2.1, we wish to upgrade TeXmacs to Qt5, which should allow the deployment on new platforms such as Android. This also opens the road for a specific interface for tablets and mobile phones.