The TeXmacs team

People who are interested to contibute to TeXmacs on a regular basis (or have done important work in the past) are invited to join the TeXmacs team.

In that case, we kindly ask you to create an account on Savannah and send a request to join the TeXmacs developers team. You also need to enter a public SSH key (see My Account Conf and then Account Configuration). This will enable you to modify the TeXmacs source code, the documentation as well as the website using SVN, as described on the subversion page for TeXmacs.

In particular, the TeXmacs website has been put in the subdirectory trunk/web. We kindly ask new members of the TeXmacs team to add a file in trunk/web/contribute with a short description of yourself and the topics on which you wish to contribute. You may look at the page for an example.

When sufficient funding is available, then we also organize meetings of the TeXmacs team. The first international TeXmacs workshop was organized during February 2012 at Albufeira, Portugal. We may also have funding for individual visits at École polytechnique.

Current members of the team

Miguel de Benito Delgado Joris van der Hoeven Vincent Douce

Massimiliano Gubinelli François Poulain Denis Raux Darcy Shen