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Some screenshots of TeXmacs
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1.Part of a book I am writing

2.A (very) fancy example

3.Easy access of TeX fonts through the menus

4.Computer algebra sessions inside TeXmacs

5.The Qt Gui running on Mac OSX

6.Examples of the TeXgraph plugin in TeXmacs/Qt/MacOSX

7.Chinese input methods in TeXmacs/Qt/MacOSX

8.Native main menu in TeXmacs/Qt/MacOSX

9.Some maths from Wikipedia (TeXmacs/Qt/MacOSX)

10.VirtualBoxed TeXmacs (TeXmacs/Qt/Windows)

11.Another TeXmacs on Windows (TeXmacs/Qt/Windows)

12.CJK fonts and input methods (TeXmacs/Qt/Windows)

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