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TeXmacs users mailing list
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In order to get user support on TeXmacs, the best thing you can do (especially when you are a novice) is to suscribe to the TeXmacs mailing list <texmacs-users@texmacs.org>, by sending an email to <sympa@texmacs.org> with a subject of the form

    SUBSCRIBE texmacs-users Your Full Name

You may unsubscribe later on by sending an email to <sympa@texmacs.org> with

    SIGNOFF texmacs-users

as subject. The texmacs-users mailing list archives are also available without subscription.

This webpage is part of GNU TeXmacs and the larger GNU project. Verbatim copying and distribution of it is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. For more information or questions, please contact Joris van der Hoeven.

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