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The SVN archive for TeXmacs
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Since TeXmacs-, the development of TeXmacs is done using the Subversion concurrent versioning system.

Downloading the SVN version of TeXmacs

In order to download the current SVN version of TeXmacs in read-only mode, you should do

    svn co svn://svn.savannah.gnu.org/texmacs/trunk/src

In a similar way, you may check out the TeXmacs web site

    svn co svn://svn.savannah.gnu.org/texmacs/trunk/doc

and some miscellaneous files:

    svn co svn://svn.savannah.gnu.org/texmacs/trunk/misc

Committing changes by SVN

In order to commit changes by SVN, you first need a user account on Savannah and send a request to join the TeXmacs developers team. You may then check out and commit changes as described on the subversion page for TeXmacs.

This webpage is part of GNU TeXmacs and the larger GNU project. Verbatim copying and distribution of it is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. For more information or questions, please contact Joris van der Hoeven.

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